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100 Count Flow Ring Toys

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Magic Flow Ring Toys Funny Metal Ring Kinetic Spring Toy for Adults Kids Innovative Relax Toy for Wholesale

Color: silver


Materials: stainless steel
Size: 5.2"* 5.2",weight:95g/pc


FUN & EASY: Dance Solo or Pass it around. Climbs down ropes & sticks! Cosmic spheres that make a gyroscopic tornado as they flow. Magical Physics For Boys, Girls, Adults & Children.
Woven from a single strand of dynamic steel,IMPOSSIBLE TO TANGLE. 

HEALTHY MOVEMENT: Improves co-ordination. CALMING and

HIGHLY TACTILE: Tickles skin. Great for Fitness / Autism / Autistic / Fidget / Down Syndrome / ADHD Child, Teen or Adult.

INTELLIGENT TOYS: Help children improve hand eye coordination,improve chidren's practical ability,train children's creativity and logical thinking.

HOW TO FLOD FLAT: Place your palms on the top and the bottom of the flow rings. Twist while pushing gently together,  the flow rings will spiral down into its flat position, it only twists in one direction do not force.

Item contains a function at a sharp edge, not suitable for children under 8 years. Risk of eye injury.  Wear proper eye protection, Adult supervision required